HCTM, nano-size and fine particle measurement instrument provider, spun off from HCT in December of 2015 to create independent measurement technology for nano-sized fine particles.

Our mission is to evaluate hazardousness of nano materials by developing nano/fine particle measurement instrument and related system used in industries such as medical science, bio, industrial safety, semiconductor, chemistry, and other industries so that we can actively handle environment harmful factors to pursue happier life. 

If you need further research information, please consult with HCTM! 


본사 : 경기도 이천시 마장면 서이천로 578번길 74 (우) 17383

Head Office: 74, Seoicheon-ro 578beon-gil Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea 17383

본사 (Head Office) T: 031.645.6358, F: 031.645.6358 

Email: product@hctm.co.kr

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